Rules & prize list

End-of-series prize list 2017

Man Woman
1st place overall £300 + trophy £300 + trophy
2nd £200 £200
3rd £100 £100
4th £90 RUN voucher £90 RUN voucher
5th £80 RUN voucher £80 RUN voucher
6th £70 RUN voucher £70 RUN voucher
7th £60 RUN voucher £60 RUN voucher
8th £50 RUN voucher £50 RUN voucher
9th £40 RUN voucher £40 RUN voucher
10th £30 RUN voucher £30 RUN voucher

Engraved cup for winning man and winning woman (held for one year)
Engraved shield for winning team (held for one year)
Masters trophy for winning over-40 man and woman
Top three men & top three women also receive free race entries for next year’s series

Rules 2016
1. Top 40 Sussex AA-affiliated men and women to score (i.e. once all non-Sussex-affiliated and unattached runners are discounted); first Sussex finisher scores one point, second scores two, and so on.
2. Best 3 of 6 events to count.
3. In the event of a points tie at the end of the series, the final position is determined by count-back, comparing the head-to-head record.
4. In team event, each team’s top six finishers – in men’s or women’s category – to score (i.e. best possible score is 12 points: 1st man + 1st woman + 2nd man + 2nd woman + 3rd man + 3rd woman); each team’s best 5 of 6 events to count.
5. Masters athletes: a separate standings table for athletes aged over 40 will be extrapolated from the results, based on the same scoring system detailed above, with final positions based on best 3 from 6 races.
6. For the final race (Race 6), competing Sussex runners who cannot qualify for an overall HC-SRRC position (by completing at least three races) will be discounted from the individual contest — so as to avoid unfairly influencing the outcomes among qualifying competitors.

Prize-giving 2013

Prize-giving 2013: at Crowborough 10k