Joscelin Lowden

(Lewes AC)Joss cropped

Joscelin Lowden, 28, is the 2015 Harvey Curtis Sussex Road Race Challenge Champion, having accrued just eight points from her three best races. She ran every race in the series, won the Bexhill 5k, and finished second Sussex woman at the Hastings Half Marathon.

How long have you been running competitively?
Pretty much since I realised I could beat most of the boys on sports day at school. I started running with Lewes AC and Dave Leach and taking part in competitions when I was about 11. A lot of my friends were at the club too so we were all really keen.

Proudest running achievement/PB?
I did the Paris Marathon in April 2013, which was an incredible experience. I hadn’t run much during my early 20s due to a knee injury and subsequent surgery, so to run in Paris and run comfortably was hugely rewarding. In a way it marked my comeback to training and racing after about six years out.

Current target race(s)?
It’s cross-country season at the moment, so it’s all about points for the club. I would like to run a sub-84min half-marathon in the spring as well.

Average weekly mileage over last eight weeks?
Strava can help me here… about 30 miles a week. I’m just coming back to training, so ramping up gently, but don’t like to exceed 40 miles a week.

Favourite training session?
I live in London, so use the Emirates stadium to do my intervals when I can’t get down to Lewes. Any session there is good fun.

Worst thing about running?
Every runner will say this: not being able to run. Injuries and illness.

Road or trail?
Tricky. I think trail; there’s an element of madness in running through mud and rivers.

Flat or hills?
Does downhill count?

Favourite running shoes?
Asics GT range. Without them, I can’t run.

Best piece of training advice you’ve ever been given?
Rest. You get stronger not while you train, but while you recover.

What do you know now that you wish you’d known when you took up running?
When you are injured or ill, you should rest. I’m not sure I even know that now.

Favourite post-run treat?
Nesquik, ice-cold. And my mum’s flapjack.

First published: 2nd December, 2015.