Kevin Rojas

(Brighton & Hove City AC)Kevin Rojas

Kevin Rojas, 32, has shot to prominence on the Sussex road running scene in a remarkably short time – in the process, notching up a collection of impressive PBs, including 67:59 for half-marathon and 1:48:40 for 20 miles

How long have you been running competitively?
Three years. Since joining Brighton and Hove AC, I’ve come to understand running and how to really train. There is such a great running environment in Sussex, and in the UK in general. It is hard not to get wrapped up in it all.

Proudest running achievement/PB?
Amsterdam half-marathon. I came first! What more can you want? It was a huge surprise and has inspired me to go for more and try to replicate that feeling.

Current target race?
London Marathon [on 13th April].

Average weekly mileage over last eight weeks?
Around 90.

Favourite training session?
I do a few timed lactate threshold pace runs, for example, 3x 10min or 2x 15min, which I quite like. Does the Sunday run count as a training session? Probably not, but I really enjoy those.

Worst thing about running?
It is unforgiving. Every second counts and missing the pace per mile by a small margin means missing the target time.

Road or trail?
Road to race on, trails to relax and do the miles.

Flat or hills?
I like hills to train on but flat just give you that rhythm and focus.

Favourite running shoes?
Quite partial to Asics or Brooks for trainers, and Adidas racing flats.

Best piece of training advice you’ve ever been given?
Cross-train when necessary and do prep work like stretching, drills and regular massages — easily overlooked. I am guilty of that, but getting better.

What do you know now that you wish you’d known when you took up running?
I wish I had started earlier, but knowing now that the miles and training are cumulative, there is nothing to gain by rushing and piling on the sessions. Relax and enjoy the journey towards your goals.

Favourite post-run treat?
Food! Pizza, burrito, burger, whatever is nearest. I am a bit of a glutton.

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First published: 24th March, 2014