Rebecca Moore

(Worthing & District Harriers)Rebecca Moore

Cambridge University student Rebecca Moore is the leading woman in the 2014 Harvey Curtis Sussex Road Race Challenge, having clocked 35:59 at the Chichester 10k. She has 5,000m and 10,000m PBs of 16:53 and 34:27 respectively

How long have you been running competitively?
I took up running accidentally at the age of 14 when we dropped my friend off at a Worthing Harriers training session. I’d done a little bit before, mainly to help my swimming fitness, but I knew the coach [Chris Marsden] from school, so I decided I might as well join in while I waited for my friend. Soon after, I started running some races, although it wasn’t until I started running 10k and slightly longer distances that I began to take training a bit more seriously.

Proudest running achievement/PB?
Representing my university [Cambridge] as a first-year at the London Olympic stadium in the British University Championships [in May 2012]. If I ever repeat that feeling, I’ll be very happy! I’m chipping away at my 10k PB, and running under 35mins for the first time [in May 2013] felt very good.

Current target race(s)?
The British University Championships in May are always a target, and I would very much like to improve on my 10,000m silver medal from last year. I’m also hoping to run as close as possible to 75mins for the half-marathon. On a shorter note, a 5,000m PB at the annual Varsity match would also be welcome, especially as I’ll be running at Roger Bannister’s track [in Oxford].

Average weekly mileage over last eight weeks?
I tend to go for quality and time-efficiency, as I have quite a busy university schedule. I probably fit in about 30 miles a week.

Favourite training session?
I’m a treadmill convert, I’m afraid. My dad and I have a session where we just keep increasing the speed every five minutes over half an hour. It’s exhausting, but I manage to beat him every time!

Worst thing about running?
It makes you feel so good and refreshed that, when you can’t do it, it’s incredibly frustrating!

Road or trail?
Road for racing, trail for training.

Flat or hills?
Flat for racing, hills for training.

Favourite running shoes?
Nike Pegasus. I just re-order the same ones every time, and they make great gardening shoes after their running lifetime.

Best piece of training advice you’ve ever been given?
Sometimes less is more. It’s worth resting if something’s not quite right.

What do you know now that you wish you’d known when you took up running?
That your form is only temporary. Even if a race or run goes badly, there are plenty more to come.

Favourite post-run treat?
Straight away, a pint (or two) of summer fruits squash, then anything with crunchy peanut butter on it.

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First published: 4th March, 2014